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Sign Up as an Organization

If you belong to an umbrella group/multiple locations, please specify your branch.

  Voluntary Organization

Voluntary organizations that support the purposes of Volunteer BC, have similar values and demonstrate a commitment to volunteerism best practices.

This includes non-profits, interest groups, businesses, associations and professional groups.

  Community Sponsor

For profit businesses, government, municipalities and employers that engage their employees and stakeholders in the community.

  Volunteer Centre

*Must be approved by Volunteer BC & fit the Volunteer Centre criteria

Organization whose mandate includes the local promotion of volunteerism and/or aiding in collecting and promoting various volunteer opportunities in their area.

Adopted the Volunteer Canada “Core Competencies” defining the role of volunteer centres.

*Must be approved by Volunteer BC.

*Must participate in annual “State of Your Volunteer Centre” survey.

Sign Up as an Individual


For community volunteers and any individual who supports the purposes of Volunteer BC.